In 1993, I worked with the late Tamara Slayton at the Menstrual Health Foundation in Sebastopol, California. I feel it is very important to help our young girls enter womanhood with grace, respect and the realization of power, of coming into their own. I know this truly is a life’s journey.

I am the oldest of four girls in my family. I have a lovely teenage daughter and several nieces. My experience teaches me that we are all so very different. Finding a way of celebration that fits the personality of the young woman—so as not to embarrass—is pivotal.

This time in a young lady’s life marks what truly sets us apart from men. It is what makes us women. I am posting this page as an invitation to explore the possibilities of celebrating this time with your daughters. We can set an example of self care, self respect and self love. Massage supports a healthy body image and also feels really good, making it a perfect beginning to a life of powerful introspection and powerful being.